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Hamish Gill’s Leica 40mm Summicron Review
April 2, 2016

The Leica 40mm Summicron is an odd little lens, both in terms of what it is, and its reputation. I guess…

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KJ Vogelius’ Leica 40mm Summicron Review
March 15, 2015

Introduction The Leica Summicron-C 40/2 is a discontinued normal lens for the Leica M-mount. Produced for the Leica CL – the…

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SLR Lens Review’s Leica 40mm Summicron Review
April 25, 2011

Leica Summicron M 40mm f/2 was a rather short-lived lens. Originally designed for the equally short-lived Leica CL, the lens was…

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