Does your Leica/Leitz Minolta CL require a rangefinder adjustment, light meter fix, film counter repair, or just a standard CLA (clean, lubricate, and adjust)? If so, we have compiled a list of the most trusted CL repair shops, many of which have been in the industry for decades, and know your Leica CL inside and out.

DAG Camera Repair

Based in the United States


“Don Goldberg is very skilled – had a good experience with service.”
Lee Hamiel

“…he was very quick and knowledgeable about the CL; PLUS Don actually responded to my emails!”
Richard Wong

“DAG and Sherry both know the CL inside and out because they were both at Leica when it came out.”

Sherry Krauter Camera Repair

Based in the United States

“I’ve used Sherry’s services a couple of times. She definitely knows her stuff. The work was top-notch.”
Robert Thompson

“Anyway, just a quick shout out to Sherry Krauter, who seems to be a very old school businesswoman, and whose service is 100%. You just don’t find people like this anymore in the business world. By the way, when she did clean and adjust my lenses years ago, they came back like new. Pease do not hesitate to give her the business she deserves.”
Jeffrey Milarsky

“Sherry is a delight to talk to and a delight to have a tech. She and DAG are great. Highly recommend Sherry like the rest of you.”

Cameraworks Camera Repair

Based in the United Kingdom